New Ad Free Pro Plan

Due to high demand we now have a new Ad Free Pro Plan which allows members to completely remove all ads from their polls.

September 2020

New Annual Pro Plans

Users can now take out an Annual Pro plan.

August 2020

New Pro feature - Hide sharing options

Pro members can now hide all sharing options for a poll.

July 2020

New Pro feature - More poll options

Pro members can now create a poll with up to 30 options instead of the standard 15.

July 2020

New Sharing Options

Added WhatsApp and improved url sharing functionality.

May 2020

Futher improvements to our voting algorithm voting patterns

Another set of improvements to our existing voting algorithm to detect and prevent duplicate voting patterns.

May 2020

Pro has arrived

Pro users can now gain access to advanced features like, adding images to polls, setting an auto end date, saving drafts and more.

April 2020

Poll editing

Registered users can now easily edit polls, this is only available if a poll has no votes. We do this to help keep polls and voting patterns accurate and transparent.

March 2020

Improved QR Code functionality

On the poll results page users can now switch between the vote or results page for a QR code.

February 2020

Styling improvements around poll creation

Minor UI updates to improve the flow and UX when creating a poll.

February 2020

Released new design for all emails sent by us

Text and design improvements to all system emails sent by us.

February 2020

Improved algorithm around duplicate voting patterns

Further improvements to our existing voting algorithm to detect and prevent duplicate voting patterns.

February 2020

Add Captcha security option

Allow users to add Captcha security for visitors voting on their poll.

January 2020

Updated navigation and footer

Improved styling for our main navigation and footer.

January 2020

New "About Us" page

Complete redesign and build of our about us page.

January 2020

Improved Comments

Add ability to report or link to comments posted on a poll.

December 2019

Fast Poll Teams

Brand new feature that allows Teams to vote and gather anonymous feedback privately.

December 2019

New Brand and Support pages

Added brand assets page along with new Fast Poll support page.

November 2019

Add colours for poll options

Gives visitors the ability to select a colour for poll options.

October 2019

Add multiple voting for polls

Added the most requested feature to date, allowing visitors to cast multiple votes on a single poll.

October 2019

New Design for our home page

A much needed new design for our home page.

September 2019

New Dashboard, My Polls and My Votes pages

Giving you more information and control over your polls and voting.

August 2019

Improved Poll footer on mobile

Huge improvement to our poll page when using a mobile device, allowing users to see votes total, share and vote from a single footer.

August 2019

New Logo

A much needed update to the type used in our logo and branding.

July 2019

Improved ordering and filtering for polls

Improved ordering options for public and users polls.

July 2019

Add QR Code sharing for polls

For use at a public event or conference to allow large groups of people to access a poll easily.

June 2019

Allow for voting to be closed on polls

Gives more control and the ability to end voting on a poll when the creator decides.

June 2019

Add feedback form

Allowing users to provide feedback and shape the future of Fast Poll.

May 2019

General performance updates and improvements

Improve performance and loading post launch.

April 2019

Launched Fast Poll!

Release initial MVP to the public!

December 2018