NHL REFEREES - After watching MTL vs DAL (I am not a fan of either team in particular, just a hockey fan) game I have realise that the referees of the NHL are obviously taking personal feeling in account when judging a play. Which means that the team winning isn't always the one deserving it. The thing is, I buy product and tickets, like a lot of people, which in the end pay their HUGE salary. I believe that i have the right to get a good game and to see the best team win as well as not having to watch a show made to defecate on people who buy their product. The refs do have a lot of thing to watch out for on the ice, but in the end, at least one of the two referee's eyes are on the player who has the puck so if something happens to THAT player it is impossible for the referee to not see the incident or turn a blind eye simply because he don't like either the player or the team. Personal feelings shouldn't be allowed whatever the reason when you are paid a lot of money for being a "sport police". So anyway, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Class Action Lawsuit against the NHL? Note that I don't care which team you like or dislike, if at any moment you felt that either your team or any other team you watched was cheated of a penalty or was called for something that didn't happen, and that you believe the outcome of the game could have been different, then please raise your CONSUMERS voices because I believe that, we fans, have the right to get what we pay for.


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