About Us

Improving the way online voting is done

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Updates in our first year

  • Secure Login to Vote feature.
  • Multiple design updates to our homepage, user dashboard and lots of other areas.
  • New multiple votes option for polls.
  • Complete teams feature that allows teams to have custom branded, secure private polls.
  • Added advanced comments to polls.
  • Advanced control over polls, like open/closing voting and enabling/disabling comments.
  • Improved user profiles.

And many more...

What’s next?

We are committed to improving Fast Poll based on our users feedback. We have plans to create a paid pro account that will give extra features and more detailed info around polls and possible team accounts, ideal for companies to ask a question or gather feedback from a team of users that have access to 100% private polls.

Who created Fast Poll?

A designer and developer called Jamie Peak. You can find him on Twitter.