You can create two types of polls: private or public. Private polls can be created by anyone using Fast Poll. If you wish to create a public poll, you will need to create an account first.

Anyone with access to a url for a poll will be able to vote, regardless of whether the poll is private or public.

Polls can only be closed to voting if the creator was a registered member when creating the poll. When closing a poll to voting it will immediately stop any further votes being cast. A notice will be shown to inform the user of this.

By default, polls are single vote only. This can be changed to multiple votes when creating the poll. This option can only be enabled when first creating a poll.

Comments can be enabled when creating a poll, however, they can only be enabled or disabled at any time providing the poll was created by a registered member.

Private polls

Private polls will be hidden from your profile (providing you have created a Fast Poll account) and public feed. It will also not be indexed/discoverable via search engines and will only be accessible via the url provided.

Public polls

Public polls will be visible on your profile as well as in our public poll feed, and will be indexed and discoverable via search engines.

Sharing polls

You will be provided with a url immediately after creating a poll. All polls have a unique QR code that can be shared or used at a public event or confrenece to allow larger groups of people to access the poll easily.

Poll Security

Security options for our polls

By default our polls are secured using cookies. This is to allow the largest number of people possible to vote on polls and not limit voting via IP addresses. Which can, in some circumstances, limit access and voting.

We also offer a 'log in to vote' option on your polls. This means that in order to vote on a poll a user must first create a Fast Poll account. This is a more secure way of eliminating duplicate votes being cast.

User Accounts

Creating a Fast Poll account

Fast Poll accounts are completely free to create.

All users who create a Fast Poll account will have a public profile where you can add an avatar, links to your social media accounts and your personal bio. All of these details can be updated via your settings page.

If you would like to delete your Fast Poll account you can do so via your settings page.

If you need to change your password you can do this via your settings page. If you have forgotten your password you can easily reset it using our password reset form.


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